Little Maisy surprised our April gift lovers with hand poured soy candles topped with aromatic rose petals.

I’m a big fan of having candles burning at home. I haven’t always been as I didn’t think there was much effect from them. That was until I realised that there’s a huge variety in the quality and effect of candles. The cheap ones that are widely available burn similarly to expensive candles but don’t provide any of the calming and relaxing benefits that the more expensive candles can provide.

lit candle in from of a white hexagonal storage jarLittle Maisy hand pours natural soy wax candles on the Gold Coast. Each tin is delightfully scented and topped with organic rose petals. Each candle is made from the finest wax and a lead free wick to ensure a long, clean burn. Each candle has a a 25 hour burn time.

Scents include Coconut & Lime, Japanese Honeysuckle, 

Sweet Pea & Vanilla, and Vanilla.

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