Miss Pots pouches were the amazing supplier of the April Joyou surprise gift. They delighted everyone with a gorgeous hand made fabric pouch for plastic pots.

Have you ever brought home a little pot of flowers that you didn’t need to repot but you didn’t want to keep them in their ugly plastic pot? Well, then you would have loved a Miss Pots pouch.

The idea is to leave the plant in it’s pot and place the pot into a custom made pouch. Lots of different designs are available if you like variety, or you could get a set of the same to create consistency.

Miss Pots April Joyou surpise gift

Miss Pots is a family run business. The pots are made in Melbourne and will brighten any home or office space.

But they don’t have to hold pot plants. They can be used anywhere where you need a holder.

  • in the bathroom holding all of your make up brushes
  • in the office holding pens and pencils
  • in the kitchen holding utensils
  • at a picnic holding cutlery

Miss Pots April Joyou surpise giftI’m trying to find as many places as possible to have a Miss Pots pouch. And just to show how amazing they are, I usually can not keep a plant alive past about a week. And my succulent is not only still alive, it is flourishing!