The June surprise Joyou gift was a beautiful hanging macrame from Alysha at My Little Glass Jar. Alysha creates beautiful gifts contained in pretty glass jars. This month was beads and a candle which was wrapped in a gorgeous handmade macrame hanger with beads.

I first found Alysha at a market on the Gold Coast. I’m a little bit like a bower bird and love to collect blue things. As I walked past her ‘My Little Glass Jar’ stall I was immediately attracted to the blue jars she had filled with succulents.

The only problem is I’m not very good at keeping things alive.

My Little Glass Jar June Joyou Surprise Gift

So should I buy the succulent just because it came in a little blue jar? Or should I avoid it knowing that the succulent wouldn’t last long because of my black thumbs and miss out on the gorgeous blue jar?

I just couldn’t resist. I bought it. And got chatting to her about her other products and Joyou Gifts. We talked about how we could collaborate. Unfortunately you can’t post succulents through the post. Otherwise that was definitely going to be a Joyou surprise gift one month.

Alysha also had some protein balls in a jar. All the ingredients were included and the jar came with a chalkboard lid so you could write on it. I wanted to avoid food products as Joyou surprises. That’s not to say there’ll never be any but for now the focus is on homewares and personal keepsakes. She also had macrame hangers on display. Now that was definitely something that could be posted.


My Little Glass Jar June Joyou Surprise Gift

If you’re like me and not so good at the whole keeping plants alive thing, you could put a candle in the jar, or you could fill it with colourful beads. I’ve even seen one in a store that was full of treats. You can change it up all the time if you want and that’s what I loved about the macarame hangers. Their versatility.

There are still a few more available on line if you’re keen.