Janet from Simply Hemp Homewares put together a little box of hemp goodies for our February Joyou surprise gift box.

I met Janet before Joyou started providing gifts to beautiful women across Australia. She has a stall full of hemp deliciousness near me at Burleigh Heads (she has since moved further up north). You could smell her hemp soaps way before you got to her stall and I just followed my nose.

Simply Hemp February Joyou Surprise Gift

I got to talking to her about the process of making her soaps. She creates her soaps from organic Australian hemp seed oil harvested in Tasmania and her soap making uses traditional cold-press methods. Each soap is handmade and uses organic hemp seed oil as well as essential oils to create beautiful fragrances that are soft and luscious on the body.

Simply Hemp February Joyou Surprise Gift

The other two parts of the gift were an exfoliating scrub and a bag made from hemp fibres. The scrub can work in conjunction with the soap, giving you not only smooth skin, but skin that smells amazing too.

The bags are up cycled, and use hemp fibres as well. They include a combination of linen, cotton, hemp linen and up cycled coffee bean bags.

Together the three gifts provided a gorgeous surprise for February.